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Hey Armageddon ....


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Aug 4, 2003
Hey Armageddon ....

What are your stats ?[ true height, weight, fourty time, vertical jump, standing board jump, shuttle run, 225 for reps] And do have a tape? [ highlight film]What about coaching referals? If you are a player and for real.I still have a few contacts in the league.I could probally help move things along for you.I was hurt and never was a name player , but I made it on a coaches referal and awesome testing.Hook ups do count and when you go to camp their is alot of politics , but if you blow people up and are very smart , there are opportunities.Special teams ability is make or break as well.The guy from hawai that is a back up rb for duece for the saints barely played at all in college [ 7 games] And is now in his 3rd year in the league.....Good luck if I can help you in any way please let me know.
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I saw that show on him (player from Hawaii). Good show. Makes me feel like Im lazy and that I should have pursued my goals alot harder.
I'm 5'9" on a good day, I went last year @ 216, bench 225, 24 times. But other than that I had a piss poor combine. I had a slight tear in my left achilles right above the "water" mark. Doctors terms for ankle I guess. But I'm not one to make escuses that's why I'm giving it another shot. Best 40, 4.69-4.71 shuttle was 4.1 and verticle is around 31 or 32. Not outstanding numbers by no means. But there are 2 things that I do REALLY well, Study film and tackle, so that generally helps. I'm working on putting together some tape. But the owner of the team I played for last year is different from the one the last 3 previous years. So getting ahold of him and finding the tapes is like pulling teeth. Being a SS playing out of position at OLB/MLB I've still averaged over 100 tackles for 4 consecuative years, 3 picks and 2 sacks. The 3 games that I played TB in I had over 100yards/td in each. But my most favorite thing to do is be on the KICKOFF team. This is where you have the most fun and it's generally remembered the most. Thanks for any future help that you may bring my way. Maybe some day I can return the favor!
ahhhh...kickoff team, that was my favorite. Armageddon, your speed shouldn't be a problem, the Bears have a tailback who runs a 4.6, for a safety 4.6 range could get you by. Some people are just players, regardless of their workout numbers. My main problem in football was I had the numbers and coaches would get inventive with my abilities and would confuse the hell out of me. How many people do you know that have played D-tackle and corner in the same season? I never stayed in one position long enough to really learn the nuances of it. I always thought versatility was a good quality, but it wound up being my demise.
Like I said bro get the tape.........because heres the deal.I can help you, but you need to make a decision ....and here is my advice.......Football player personal guys don't impress easy.I will compare my numbers to yours, only because we play the same position and these were legit numbers that I tested out 11 years ago .......they were also the only reason besides my coach trying to sell my ass that I got my shot......I repeat the only reason......I am a hair over six feet. I weighed a very lean 228 at 6 % [clean lifetime] .I ran a 4.46 when they timed me.And had a fourty and a half inch[40.5] vertical jump.My shuttle time was 3.88.And I benched 225 42 times. [record at the time for dbs, most do 18-22 reps ]The scouts told me the I was the most impressive workout guy that they had seen in years. But there was a guy named Ken Harvey from cal a year prior that was a lb that put up similar numbers .And he was two or three inches taller than myself.[ he had a couple of All pro seasons with the redskins and payed 8 to 10 years] But think about it was my numbers that really opened eyes. I mean Roy williams of the cowboys would have problems matching those numbers.[ and he is heck of a player] Ronnie was a 4.7 -4.8 guy most of his career.But he came from a big school that brought him lots of press.Look if I were you , I would do this .Play inside lb, get your bodyweight to a hard 235 -240 ,work on that agility time and 40 .[ try stay in the 4.7s]you have been playing that position and will be most comfortable there.If you have quick feet , are very intelligent ,and are a great tackler they might give you a chance .Make sure that you really are on top of your special teams game as well.[ the tackling in the NFL is getting worse every year and I assure you ,Zack thomas isn't any better athlete than yourself or london fletcher for that matter] So truethfully lb is the way to go for you my friend.And when go camp [ even look into the paid free agent camps in april] give the coaches eye contact always [ and know your shit, as well as where everyone else is as well] give the extra respect of yes sir / no sir.[ coaches get so much of that thug atitude now days., they love when a player gives them that extra respect]And when it is time to hit .....fuck people up.Every year since I played pop warner starting at 8 , guys talk about loving to hit and all this shit.But when the trueth is, each team will have only a couple of true hitters, that is it.[ in the pros maybe 5-6 ] Just like fighters [ Ivan can attest to this , talk is cheap] it is when people are flying around full speed that the men get seperated from the boys.I went to camp trying to fight anyone and everyone , it got to the point where the coaches had to have a talk to me to settle down.Guys would not talk to me .....And I really could not careless [ most were dicks that had their asses kissed their whole life]I studied hard and made sure everyone in my position was nervous around me.The only reason that I made it was because my athletic ability and aggressiveness.My injuries in college didn't allow me to have enough expirence to feel comfortable.I was just learning the ropes in my second year when my ACL went for the second time [ same knee] and I was done.God , I miss it . [ would have liked to see how I would have done]Good luck , with things .Stay healthy , get that tape. If I can help you, I will.Stick with Lb [ work on speed and agility and put on that size ] You can do this ......chase your dreams my friend ....and punish those that stand in your way......Stay healthy ....I will help you if want
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London Fletcher , Dexter Coakly , and Jessie tuggle all are 5'9 . And Zack Thomas is maybe 5, 10.I believe there are at least 4-5 other guys playing right now in that range as well. he short for a safety as well. Most strong safeties are 5'11 to 6'1 and frees are usually the same or taller [ but weigh less] He is about average for a corner , but now he is even a little short these days for that.Lb is where he could make it.He is alittle to slow to get a fair look as a free agent safety with not much expirence.You have to agree. Jaw you know what I am saying ....I just want the kid to get the best shot possible.At Lb his smarts and good tackling will shine.[ and so will his insincts...if he has them]
You're right, Thomas, Nguyen, Coakley, and Jessie Tuggle was around for a long time with Atlanta. It blows my mind that these smaller guys can get the job done, but you look at a guy like Brian Urlacher and he's getting taken off his feet by 205lb. Mo Williams. Goes to show you football is a battle of wills, physical gifts can only take you so long. Hell I'm only 25 and 5'9" @ 250 maybe I can make a comeback...lol
I bet you could big guy.I bet they don't call you the jawbreaker kid for nothing.LOL! If not, I am sure you could some fun beating up some slobs in tough man compititions or test yourself in a mixed martial art event. lol! Oh by the way ,congrads to your old team on winning the national championship .Man , I thought they were going to blow it at the end .But they showed balls by playing tough d in the finishing moments.Boy , do those guys play some tough disaplined defense.Very impressive.
I'll tell you what, when I played there we had no defense whatsoever. We simply outscored people. This season was a definite surprise after losing David Kircus (drafted by the Lions) and Harlon Hill trophy winner, Curt Anes to graduation. It gives me great pride to say I was involved with a great program.
Sometimes it sucks being a tweener. I know that my speed is more of a down fall, however I also know that I haven't every really worked at it. But I just talked to a buddy of mine that used to play for MSU, that got shuffled around by several teams. He gave me some drills and techniques to work on. He said he might even be able to get in touch with a former teamate that plays for the cowboys (Flozel Adams) and find out some more info about some camps. Whatevers meant to be is meant to be and I'll just continue to work at it and see what happens. Worst comes to worst and I get back to great shape and have a good season in the semi-pro league. Alot of worse things could happen. But thanks for all the guidance and help. It hasn't fallen on deaf ears.
For JBK, just heard on the radio that CVSU is going to play Michigan Tech next year in the big house and try and set a new D II attendance record. That's some crazy shit, sounds like it could be a fun time though. Regardless if they set it or not there are still going to be some empty seats in that place ! And alot of drunk people.
I'm surprised they don't play someone like saginaw or ferris, or maybe even renew a rivalry with wayne state even though they're D-I now. Could be cool though.
Wayne state went D I, there program sucked. What conference are they playing in. I bet there I A, not AA. But even then they don't seem like they could do much damage. Who knows, it's been some time since I played against them and maybe they picked up there program a bit. But I also thought they'd play saginaw, especially after how this season turned out. Saginaw will probably make another run for the championship, cause I think they have alot of returning starters. Who knows, only time will tell.
yeah, wayne state was and is horrible. It was like Oakland going D-I in basketball, it was the only way for their programs to survive, but I still don't see how it's possible. Where did you play Armageddon?
Was headed to Vandy to play fullback, but had some issues with that. So I ended up at St. Joseph's college in ind. We used to play in the same conference, but we dropped out and went independent, then made our own conference with some other teams. My sophomore year in we went 9-2 and just missed the playoffs. The way it was set up sucked cause we destoyed 2 of the top 5 teams that year in D II. We only lost to Ind. State and Indianapolis U in double OT. We beat the U of Cal Penn. by 20 and they were number 3 in the country. The only team that year in all of fotball to have more rushing yards than us in all of college football was Air Force. If we made the playoffs that year we would have won. U of I was the first game of the season so we were alittle off. Ind state we were winning 14-3 at half and lost 43-14. Being a D I team they just started rotating alot more often and had too much depth.
My dad went there for 2 years, it's in the middle of nowhere, worse than GVSU. His roommate actually had a picture of his cow in his dorm. This was a LOOOONG time ago though...lol
jawbreakerkid said:
I'm surprised they don't play someone like saginaw or ferris, or maybe even renew a rivalry with wayne state even though they're D-I now. Could be cool though.

Wayne State went to D-1? I havent heard or seen anything about that. They were 3-8 in the GLIAC this year and there is no way they will even come close to holding the attendance requirements levied by D1 ball. You sure bout this?

yeah man, I think it happened my sophomore year at GVSU or shortly there after. Wayne State couldn't even compete in D-II, I dont know why they think they can compete in D-I, that school is a shithole from what I hear.

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