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How many of you bust your ass for a living?


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Jan 26, 2003
I'm self employed. I do carpentry, plumbing, masonry, concrete and basically anything that requires busting your ass. I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. The hours aren't bad at all but after a day of mixing concrete or crawling under someones house, working out is not something I look forward to.

I have been wanting to really devote myself to bodybuilding. I have good genetics and put on size very easily but with my work I have a hard time finding the energy to get to the gym regularly and eating properly can be a bitch too.

The reason I do this kind of work is because I hate working for other people. Some would even say I'm a bit of an asshole:D . I was just wondering if any of you guys have similar situations and if so, how do you manage to eat properly and hit the gym regularly.

Even if you don't work at all and have topless maids bring you your martini's, I'm still open to your suggestions.
Well actually I sit at my computer looking for a business to start.

And no joke my gf just brought me a drink with no shirt on. :)

I know what you are talking about though.

I used to work 12 hours a day rehabing houses and training for triathlons. It does make it tougher but not impossible.
i bust my but

i know it can be hard to bust a but all day and work out.i drive tractor trailer for a living.55 to 70 hrs a week is a typical work for me.and do a lot of heavy hand bombing or chaining down steel coils.eating is hard for me at times and getting to the gym also.but i try to eat while i'm driving.and go to the gym rite after work even if i have to force myself there.if i go home first i know i won't get to the gym at all.so forcing myself there after work works best for me.:D it's my goals more then anything.
Going to the gym right after work is a good idea. If I don't sit on my couch right after work my ass can't get glued to it. I have been coming home first, thinking that I would workout later but I just seem to stay stuck on the couch a lot.
so true

that's why i go after work. my couch molds around my ass.my cushins are so soft i sink into them and i'm there to stay.then i wake up to the kids using me as a tight rope or a springboard
I have done construction(framing), paint houses, all for myself! I hate working for other people too, but ya gotta start somewhere! Even though I work for someone now and am using my college degree to seek a "professional" job right now! With that I am going to save up money to start my own bizz! I have a finance degree so I night start up a financial cunsulting firm but that is alot of time and money off! Though I really hate working for other people becuase I am an asshole and a control freak and I love it I always managed to get to the gym! You should really like to go and if you have to force yourself you should take sometime off!! Though I remember with constrution I would have a difficult time putting on weight even at over 6000 cals a day! Plus in ther hot summer months I miss alot of days becuase the sun just drains you! Your always sore and I hated it so I found another job! Though when I was painting I had people working for me so I didn't have to do alot of physical labor! Just alot of stress dealing with employess and cusomers! Hope this helps
I agree with Dizz. If you don't want to go and don't enjoy the gym, don't do it. Life is just to short and valuable to do something every day that you hate. Maybe lifting weights is not for you. Or maybe after a few months out of the gym, you will realize you miss it and come back with a newfound enthusiasm. In 1999 and 2000 I worked out but really didn't enjoy it. Month after month I grew to hate working out. I didn't even look at a weight in 2001, but when I came back in Jan. 02, I hit hard and often and have enjoyed almost every minute of it for the past 15 months, and as a result am in the best shape of my life. You are not a professional bb and don't make a living from the shape of your body, so just take some time off and come back if and or when you feel like it. It'll all work out for the best, good luck, Q.
Well my love of working out isn't a problem. I would really rather workout than do anything. It's the only activity in life that I really enjoy. Believe it or not, I prefer a good leg workout over sex.

I guess my problem is my job. I like having the freedom to take time off whenever I need to and not be controlled by anyone. I guess it's just not a job that coincides with a bodybuilding life style. I suppose if I really want to be able to give all I've got in the gym, I'll have to find a desk job somewhere. I've had desk jobs before and they definitely make it great as far as being able to devote myself to training, but damn, I sure hate having a boss.

I suppose I'll either have to try to get along with people and find another job OR quit working out. Not working out is not an option.

You mean you guys can't tell me a way to have limitless energy levels without any side effects?:p
Try morning workouts, I switched to mornings 20+ years ago & never looked back..... up side you can have your couch in the evenings, even a beer w/ your bro's once in a while...downside it takes about 3 mo's to get your body clock switched, the sights arnt as good & finding a workout partner is a bitch ,o yea you can forget about the late show too you just can't keep your eyes open....:(
Hey BigBoy

I can relate bro. I am in the same boat. First off, I try to work only 7 hours a day if possible, also I don't take jobs that are a real bitch. i pick and choose the better money ,easier ones when I can. As far as eating goes just pack a large cooler with sandwiches and weight gainer shakes and apples and chicken breasts ,etc. Stop working for 5 minutes every 2 hours and eat quickly and get right back to work. This way you can still accomplish a lot in a day. I used to think it was hard as you do but over the years I realized it is not so. When i get home I do NOT even sit on my couch, instead I drink a whey protein shake and jump in a cool shower and go right to the gym. If i had a particularly rough day and am tired and/or not motivated to go i take a Dymetadrine Extreme and then drink my shake and shower and by the time I am done I am ready to go pound the iron. Of course when i get home I eat again and then I am so wiped out I go to bed right away and get 9 or 10 hours sleep and do it all over again. I workout on M,T,TH,F and take wknds off. Sometimes I work on Sat to get more accomplished. GOOD LUCK!
working to hard

Hey bro I hear you. I have worked construction for a long time too. It is very hard to make it all work out but if you are patient you will find a schedule that works for you. I had my own construction company, I was not even able to train one time per week. The stress not to mention customers that want the sky for nothing. Or the age old since you are here could you just do this too, and for no money. I closed up shop and found a good job with benefits and good hours. The best thing that I ever did for my training was to train early in the morning then go to work. Who cares if you are tired at work just as long as your energy levels are up for your training session. As far as eating being a problem I found that after a morning training session my appetite is so through the roof finding a spare minute to shove a cow down the gut was no problem. Give it a try bro. Just ease into it like three days a week on a circuit full body workout and you will probably find your mind and body craving more. Hope all goes well. Mr. Clean
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It may not be consdiered busting your ass but like 4 years ago I was a janitor, straight up clean bathrooms, moppings floors, cleaning sinks, toilets and all that. Fucking hated that job but I had nothing else at the time, the worse thing that happened was I saw a guy that I went to high school with me he saw me cleaning a sink, he was a officer in the army and I was cleaning sinks....made me feel super low. After that I got my shit together and got a great job in the I.T. field worked in I.T. from 1998 to 2001, now that the market is so shitty I think I am going to try personal training since I love working out so much and I love helping people work out.
You are blessed to have your own biz, I am hoping that down the line I could run my own personal training biz.
Thank's for the ideas guys. Just knowing other people go through the same thing helps motivate me to not be so lazy. I think I may give the morning workouts a try. It makes perfect sense to workout before work, I just hope my body will agree to get out of bed at 4:30 am.
I walk behind a spreader pushing fertilizer all day. I am looking forward to the summer months. Pushing 100 lbs of fertilizer up and down hills in hot/ humid 100+ degrees. At least I don't have to bother with cardio work in the gym. I ususally hit the gym in the evenings after I have cooled down from the day. A good meal and a cold shower immediately after work followed by a 2 hr nap works. I hit the gym around 8 or 9 pm. 2 days on 1 day off repeated.
Queefer - I know BBJ well enough to know this... its not the training he would like to quit, its the WORKING! hahaha. Besides, then he would have no use for his big balloon MC Hammer workout pants. :D
Damn, you do know me pretty well. Don't knock the pants either, damn it. Go Hamma, Go Hamma, Go Hamma.
For me it's not the work it's the travelling, I do seminars on the products my company makes plus oversee the product support at our West/East coast locations.

Generally I am on the road 20 days a month and it is difficult to hop off a plane, think OK wheres my hotel and where is the nearest gym in town - add that to the guys who just want to go out and eat/drink you end up either missing workouts or getting up at 5 AM to do them.

It all depends on what you want, but I will say this every time I sit down or relax in the hotel room you can kiss the workout goodbye, my only method is get in drop my bag, coffee, ECA stack and get out -otherwise it's ESPN and HBO time

Boing "the English_Bulldog"

shit working minimum wage sucks. i need a career, so 4 years of school just to hopefully make $40k per year!! WOOHOO!! the world is a great place man. seems like you need a fuckin PH.D if you wanna make it in life dammit! :mad:
minimum wage?

Dude, learn a trade ie. plumber,electrician, carpenter, mechanic, HVAC. Whatever you pick bro, these fields all pay 40k + a year with no college, or a simple 2 year degree. Many places will hire for at least 8-10 an hour and train you from there. A little hard work and a good attitude is all you need in life. The world is a great place man.

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