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Age and years of training (honestly)

Johnny Bravo

New member
Jun 7, 2002
I have to take issue with some of these wanna be dan duchanes, and rocket scientist on this board. I'm 35 yrs old and have been training hardcore for 14 yrs, and I'm not talking about jerkin off in your daddy garage benchin 200lbs with plastic weights either. I know who's knowledge I respect on this board..Big A, PHIL, MikeS, Xcel, just to name a few, but it seems to me alot people just state opinion rather than overall fact based on experience. I take some advice from others, but I base my knowledge on the 235 lbs at 5'8" I'm carryin around all damn day. I would like to know what experience everyone has here so that when your challenged on what your posting, you dont do the "potomic two step" when questioned, and try to dodge the issue by throwing hand grenades:D
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I understand where your coming from bro. And your always going to have those people who just recycle info they have read from other posts and act they they know what they are talkingabout when in reality the do not have the first clue and then when you call them on it they get all mad. I have sen it too bro plenty of times. I have actually been in a few battles just as you are describing, but it wasn't over how much we both knew it was a difference of opinon, but the fact was still the same.

Knowlege and experience doesn't necessarliy have to come over 10-15 years of lifting. Having that much experience is certainly a plus however you can be younger like myself at 24 years old and have as much knowlege as a 50 year old. Knowelgde is knowlegde and it doesn't matter how old you are if you know what you know becuase an older wiser experinced person taught it to you.

Now true I have been in and around bodybuilding since I was 16, so I do almost have 10 years of experience. I was in the gym lifting and at home reading and learning and doing research when all my friends were out weekends partying, but just becuase I am 24 does that mean I know nothing becuase I am not 30 years or older????

I own a mexican pharmacy does that mean I don't know anything about pharmacuticals becuase I am only 24 years old. All I am saying is do not look at the age. Age is only a number. Look at the individual.

I really like the plastic weights! All the sand starts to fall out, and you can say your are really lifting more than you are, because the weights are half empty! :D

John thanks for the prop, still when is all that knowledge gonna get me as big as you?!?! Guess part of the problem is I pick the wrong parents (genetics). Hell Im trying, all you can do!
Been lifting for 29yrs, 24 serious and hard. Been studying hard for over 20yrs, before the internet (hell, that was before pencils).
And I was lucky enough to be affiliated personally with Dan Duchaine in the mid 80s, as a friend and client. I still have his old letters and lists, its like correspondance from Abe Linclon to me!
John I gotta bring them to the gym someday and show ya.
In the way Arnold was the one who revolutionized our sport, and therefore will always be the greatest (despite the guys being bigger and more ripped now)-Dan will always be the greatest for that same reason.
MikeS said:
I really like the plastic weights! All the sand starts to fall out, and you can say your are really lifting more than you are, because the weights are half empty! :D

just make sure the person you're showing off in front of doesn't touch the weights or they'll know the deal.... i mean, not that it's happened to me.... I have a friend that tried that ::whistles::

Well, since it was probably me that made you start this thread, I'll give you my credentials. HONESTLY! I started working out at 15 years old, I am 29 now (14 years of training). When I began I weighed 123 lbs at 6' tall. I now weigh 255 lbs at around 11% bodyfat and the same height. At the age of 23, I became a Certified Personal Trainer. Later I became a Clinical Exercise Specialist and a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. I have never been a typical scrawny trainer. My clients ALWAYS did very well as long as they would do what I told them to do. I have researched every aspect of bodybuilding/fitness that you can think of and while I do often form my own theories about things, I always base them on science. At the age of 25, I began working under one of the top doctors in the anti-aging/fitness field. I worked as a trainer to elderly patients who had suffered strokes, heart attacks, diabetes complications, cancer related problems, various injuries, etc. I have gained over 130 lbs of lean body mass since I began training, so I think that counts for something. I know there are many people here with credentials much more impressive than mine, but I'm not just some dumb ass with no logic behind the things that I write.
Ok Bro,

I'm 35 years old, seriously training since age 25 (so about 10 years). I went from:

227 lbs at age 25 (30+% BF), to
160 lbs at 28 (8% BF, yeah I lost fat and muscle), to
180 lbs at 32 (10% BF), to
215 lbs at 35 (10%BF).

Oh, and I'm 5' 8". AAS use since age 32, and I've been on the boards for about 3.5 years. My near term goal is to be 225 lbs at 7-8% BF.

And yes, I am a doctor, a PhD not an MD (I make much more :D).


PS: I hear ya on inexperienced guys offering advice, but I do my own homework as should anybody. Free advice on any board should only be a starting point in my opinion.
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i'M 21 yrs old i haven been training hardcore now for 3 yrs now. once i got into it i cant stop.
I am 29 and 5 months old.

I started training on Oct 23rd, 1989.

My first show was on July 7th 1991. I was 17. I came 4th out of 4 people :rolleyes:

I started gearing on Jan 3rd 1992.

I turned pro at 26. First pro show in 2001. It was as bad as my first ever show...

I am 5'11.
I was 127lbs when I started. Today I am 277, after a 20 month lay off. My heaviest ever was 280. I'll greatly eclipse that very shortly :D

I believe that age/years experience greatly counts, as I knew everything I needed to know technically by the time I was 19. That was from reading/researching. While it was good for a knowledge foundation, it pales in comparison with hands on experience. And I still have so much more to learn!
I'm in my 30's and been lifting weights for 23 years. My father was a powerlifter and started me out young, but I went the BBing route. I began competiting in 1989. I've won 14 titles over the years, but have since "retired" and now I just judge and do some contest prep on the side.
Damn BigA thats 150lbs of weight gained! :eek:

Im 5'6 1/2"; was 120lbs with an 80lb (machine) bench when I started. Been to 220, now 205. Gained a few pounds on the bench since too :D , but it did take me about 4yrs to bench 200lbs. I had lousy genetics, was on dope, and didnt know how to train right. It has not been easy for me! :(
Very impressive BigA. Ain't it cool to know that you more than doubled your size. I remember seeing your progress pics from when you were a teen ager until now. I wish I had kept pictures from my "stick boy" days. I was just too embarassed to let anyone take my picture.
Ok here are my stats

Started out at 5'8" 175lbs pretty lean
Trained naturally for 6 yrs got to 194lbs at 7%
Gained 12lbs on my first cycle which was 1cc of primobolan depot a week for 12 weeks
After about 11 cycles of test, deca, EQ, Winny (low dosages)
I'm up to 235lbs (about 7%) on and 225 off. I think that I'll have to up the dosages from 3cc a week to get over 240lbs. I call my mother and thank her everyday for my genetics:D
mikeS have u always had increably strong legs yet a weaker chest? I think we might be in a similiar situation.
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mine, i'm about 5'8. about 230 right now, and no i'm not ripped hehe. i got a lil gut on me. i started training around 14, by 19 i was benchin 290, i have a very small bone structure, so its been very hard for me to gain weight and keep it.

i stopped lifting at 19 cuz i hurt my lower back very badly doing deads, started back up around 22-23 and been lifting since.

btw i'm 27 now. i'm not in the best of shape, but i hope in the next yr to really transform my body, to lose alot of the excess fat i have, and gain a bit more muscle mass.


p.s. to cracker, i think mike meant he has added alot more strength to his chest. i believe b4 he said he inclines 405 for reps, so considering he's only 5'6 and 205, i think thats damn good :)
I started training when I was 13 and I'm now 37. Been competing in powerlifting off and on since I was 15. Right now I weigh 320 and I'm 5'11" tall.


Started when I was 18 at 170lbs skinny. Not sure what my bf was then, I would guess somewhere around 10% (could always see a 6 pack, even now). Now 32 and 255 @ 10% bf while off gear and training over the last 4 months. So 14 yrs training both in PL and BB.
Heavest was 275 last fall and hoping to hit 290 this fall before dieting.
Got too many injuries while PL due to stupid ego coupled with bad form. Bad left shoulder, 3 bulging disks in lower back. L2, L3, L4.
Went strictly into BB in 2000. Hope to do well next year in jr's and possibly Nats.
I am 5' 11 5/8" tall and weight 242 lbs with single digits bodyfat (offcycle). Started training 29 years ago at the same height and 152 lbs at age 18. Got to 227 lbs totally natural and started experimenting with AAS a few years ago. Funny thing is that you wouldn't think there should be that much to training, diet and supps. but Damn! I am always learning a lot of new stuff!
okay, what the hell..i openly admit that i grow from just lifting. it really does not matter what type of routine i do but, i favor low volume.. god bless my parents..i started at 14 years old and was a skinny 140 pounds. i am now 36 and weigh 268 pounds at 5'9 and that is without much lifting for the last three months. i won my state title at 22 years old and then took off lifting for many years because of work ect. i write for two magazines off and on although i am considering doing this much more often since i have had offers. like johnny b. who started this thread , i am totally wrapped up in the science of training and roids. what ever i can read and look up on the night encompasses alot of my day. i have also talked very seriously about starting my own magazine with the help of others on the boards because of all the political b.s. that is involved in the magazines these days..basically if you do not contribute to their pocket book then forget about getting much coverage.. i also hope to enter a masters show here in the near future just to get my feet wet again..kinda test the waters. basically, we have on this board alot of good guys who know their shit...although he does not like to admit it, mikes has porn trivia knowledge that is unsurpassed.....oh, wrong board..sorry.
crackerjack414 said:
mikeS have u always had increably strong legs yet a weaker chest? I think we might be in a similiar situation.

No maybe the opposite. I am average on legs-405 superdeep x 2-3. Parrell/bench squat 500 x 5. To me thats nothing special.
I did a 500 x 1 smith bench on 2 different occassions in the last month, and do 405 x 4-5 smith incline.

LATS-hell you better let me know if you ever get that idea off the ground! :D Wont admit my porn knowledge? Hell Im proud of it! :eek:
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I'm 22 years old. Getting ready to turn 23 in a few.

Been training since i was 15. Started "messing around" with weights when i was about 5 or so. Deadlifting the 20lb dumbbells. It got me swole for the girls in kindergarten. :p

My first product i ver took was an old Ciba tab. I begged a guy my sister knew to give me one, just one....and he said "Here kid, they are like vitamins." Yup, i got swole on that! j/k

Started using gear at 16 to get bigger for sports in high school. Yeah, i was a young one, but i wasn't stupid about my doses either. No 3 A50's a day or anything.

Had some bad health problems years ago, not due to gear either as far as me or my doc knows. Mostly due to my own bad habits in life. Shit happens.

Currently i'm 5'11" and 197lbs @ 7.4% bodyfat as of Monday. That with no gear in quite awhile as well. I've really started to focus more on diet and training ALOT more.

Biggest i've been was 238lbs at about 17% bodyfat. That was during the winter while bulking and eating everything in sight. I felt pretty damn fat. :D

I'm certainly not a genius, but i know a little bit here and there. I'm just here to learn and be with people who share the same interests.

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