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Nov 23, 2002
Does anyone know how many mg's of Anavar I should take a day? I am 5'1 11o lbs. I am a female. I have been lifting for about 1 year and a half. I have always been an athlete. I have a little bit of AS experience.
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Did I read that correctly...you're 5'1" and 110 lbs? You need to fill everyone in with more info. How old you are, how long have you been lifting, and what AS experience do you have.
Male or female :confused:


I just got 8 bottles of DL 5mg Anavar, I plan on running 40mgs per week, im 6'2 225lbs so you could get away with 10-20, i imagine you are a girl so do your homework.

Give us some more info.
Xcel - where are your manners!

Didn't see that this was your first post - Welcome!

Please tell us about yourself so we can better help you.

try and stay around 10 and i wouldn't go over 20. but more info on yerself would help

Hey, sorry I did'nt give a lot of info. I am a female!!! That probably scared you guys if there was a 5'1 110lb. guy! I was wandering how long I should take it and how much I should take. Thanks!

I have had a couple girlfriends take 5 to 10mgs of SPA ANAVAR. They saw great results and no side effects from a 8 weeks cycle of it. One took 7.5mgs and she GREW 2 inches in height. I know they give children ANAVAR if they know they are going to have growth problems. Well, she was 21 and grew 2 inches, she must of had a genetic thing that was stopping her from getting to her Genetic potential.

I would say 5mgs ED if you feel that your body is not getting anything from it after 4 to 6 weeks, then bump it up to 10 or 12.5mgs. You can run the ANAVAR for 8 weeks. ANAVAR is very very mild on the liver unlike A-bombs or D-bol which will raise you liver enzymes and become liver toxic at high doses past 6 weeks.

HEre would be a good cycle if you want to see some good lean muscle.

PRIMOBOALN: 100mgs a week for 10 weeks
Anavar: 10mgs ED for 8 weeks.

But remember everyone is different and their bodies react different to AAS. Just watch ofr the signs and if you see them start to come into play, lower the doses.

If anyone wants to add to this please do :)
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Welcome chica;) And what exactly does a "little bit of AS experience" mean? We need to know EXACTLY what you have done in the past in order to properly advise you.:)
just thought i would make everyone jealous.

hey just wanted to let everyone know that flex4me and I went out on a date tongiht!!:D sorry i had to rub it in..

btw, i thought i would let everyone know since you cant see her, that she has a smokin body..hehe

also off of what you guys said, im thinking along the lines of steakhelmet, go at 5mg per day and see how everything feels, since you did WIN at a low dosage and got great results i would stay low and work your way up.


dont forget to call me tomorrow after you go to the gym, ill probably just be waking up,,hehehe..

Take care,


Steak is pretty much right here. Start with 5mg. When it comes to Var, often brands can play a big role here. When you take test and it is underdosed, you still get the effects, not as much. I have known many brands that made all these claims, then was dissapointed,; so beware of generic brands if you want to be exact on doses and quality --- ESPECIALLY for a woman. The margin for scew ups is small, even with var.... a good example was that whole fiasco that supposedly happened with IP var...(the var testing out as methandienone AKA dbol) BTG and SPA come to mind when it comes to good quality var. With good var, a female will notice the benefits rather quickly, and most will at only 5 - 10mgs per day. Virilization should not be a concern either.

One quick comment: Steak mentioned how safe anavar is in comparison to A-50 dbol. Well, he is right, these are more toxic at there clinical doses. HOWEVER, mg per mg, anavar has been shown to be just as toxic as anadrol. But when taking the A-50's we are talking about 50-100mgs. <-----which still is not THAT toxic as they say. Taking 100mgs of Anavar a day, I think you would make the liver work a little harder.

All in all, anavar is an excellent choice for any athlete, and it is among the safest in the AAS varieties.
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What was your Winny dosage? IMO she should use 10-15mgs ED of Var since she has already used Winny. It is much more androgenic and if you tolerated that well, Var will be a breeze. You will start to notice phenomenal changes @ 15mgs ED, I know I did... the only problem is finding LEGIT Ox:rolleyes: But unlike everyone else, I would say start @ 10mgs split 5mg AM/5mg PM. If you like Creatine it would be a GREAT supp to use while using Ox since it stimulates the phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscle cell without depositing liquid (water) in the joints and the muscles. Your strength will increase drastically, which is what I really like. ;)
Nubian is right about finding legit ox, ivan mentioned BTG unless your real sure about it i would stay away from BTG there are lots of fakes going around.
I personally like the SPA ANAVAR when it comes women. It comes in 2.5mg tabs, therefore you do not have to cut things in half or quarters.

If you have your stuff already e-mail a mod with a pic or a detailed descpription. They will be able to help you if you think your stuff is fake.
I used it for bridging...yes it is an expensive bridge but I was taken care of by a good buddy so it was cheap as hell.

20mgs ED for 8weeks. it helped to keep my muscles hard and strong. Lost considerable amount of body fat due to my diet and the VAR.
SPA is the best

BUT BTG is just as good, provinding you have the real McCoy.

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