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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 15, 2007
Guess this is the place cause I gotta vent, as I am sure others have had this happen to them, thought I'd come here.

I always lock my truck and can't figure out how this happened, musta forgot with so much going on with moving and traveling.

So, I go to get in my truck this morning and notice a penny on my drivers seat. Don't think much of it as I had just got back from traveling and figured it fell out or something.

I go to back up my truck and it dings, saying rear driver door open, so I figure I didn't get it closed all the way .... get back in and DING rear passenger open, at this point I know something is up. The punk must have pushed the doors closed just enough not to make noise but not leave them standing wide open.

I look in my console and the ton of change is gone, toll tickets, a $250 pair of Dolce sunglasses, brand new D&G cologne, all kinds of stuff. So I am walking around fuming and call to make a report. Look down and see change laying on the ground around the passenger door where they dropped it.

Thank God I didn't wait to unload my truck and got my laptop out last night, along with my deceased fathers coin collection I had just picked up. They didn't see the DVD player in the back I guess or were in a rush.

I talk to the cop and at 5 am a guy going to work saw a lil muther f'er breaking into his neighbors truck and makes chase and his wife called the 911. Turns out they lost him about 3 blocks from my place.

Full coverage does NOT cover stolen articles in your vehicle and home insurance has to have a specific policy for your ride!

So now I am pissed, but nothing I can do except be glad no one was hurt or they didn't steal/trash it. Just have to hope for karma or good luck in finding the little rat bastard so I can deliver a personal punishment on them, ya know, the kind where they eat with a straw for 6 months!

I am sorry. I have a Jeep Wrangler and I don't even lock the doors or keep anything valuable in there because it's so easy to get into. Still, every few months someone will prey open the locked central console ---nothing valuable in there, maps, sunglasses, t-shirt, car registration-- and toss it alll on the floor.l It's not so much the $$ amount that is taken, as is feeling violated.
Damn, sorry to hear that brother. I know how bad that feeling is and how helpless and dumb at the same time you feel. Been there before. Chances are the little punk will be back. Camp out one night. Leave a empty wallet in your front drivers seat. Then wait for his little ass to show up. Then make sure to open the door with his face!

p.s. he had no right taking a brand new bottle of D&G cologne. Thats just not right! A mans cologne is like his tetosterone damn it! :p
My truck was broken into recently...I was FURIOUS! Went outside to head home from a girls house and head to work at like 6am...BROKEN window...torn up seals...busted up door handle...dented door...scratched up paint. Cost me over $1000 to fix. Know what all that "work" got them?
3 pairs of sunglasses I bought the day cost about $60.

Made a MESS and tossed stuff all over my truck. I had taken all the CDs out, and everything of any value MONTHS prior...

I have a nice truck...some customization...but stock interior/stereo and don't keep laptop or anything in it...ever. But windows are tinted, I guess they assumed there must be something in it. NOPE. Morons. Nothing worse than a THIEF!!!

So I was vehicle less for 4 days because of these punks! It is a GOOD thing I didn't walk out and catch them honestly...would have been BAD for all parties involved.
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When I was young me and my dad were watching TV and we heard our car door close (big doors, we know the sound) and he gets up and sprints downstairs and tackles the guy (my dad is the one who got me into body building, so yeah,wasnt a small guy) unfortunately the little fuck got away... he went back to the car and opened the door, the center console and glove compartment were open, nothing gone, I think he was hoping to score something more important than our vehicle registration and nail clippers :)
Sorry to hear about this. I own a truck myself with close to $ 2000 worth of high end stereo equipment since I'm a dedicated sound enthusiastic and dread the fact of someone breaking in and stealing all my shit I work really hard for. I have an alarm and if you don't , should consider getting one although it offers no guarantee you stuff won't get stolen when I had a guy tell me a long time ago he and his buddies would rip off stereos and even the alarm . I still say if you can invest in a really good one that alerts you when your truck is broken into , go for it . too many shitbags out there , especially drug addicts , people out of work desperate for whatever they can get .
I know how you feel!

Someone broke into my own ride in my own lit drive when I first moved in and before I had cameras on the house....It's a sickening feeling.:(

When I lived on the beach, some tweaker got my girls face plate to her stereo.

Also, while living by the beach, I caught a tweaker trying to cut off my registration tags....I came out to go to work and saw him...I didn't know what to do at the moment and just said, "Can I help you?".....I shoved him into the middle of the street cause I didn't know what he had on him....(This is from paralell parked cars on curb side)....I would have chased him and made his early morning worse, but he was one fast sob.

The only time I called the cops was when I was so pissed off cause my gf came running in crying...GF crying makes me worse than seeing red:mad:...they(local pd) took over 8 hours to arrive, gather the screw driver, not take any prints etc.

Not much you can do with insurance because most peoples ins. deductable is $250 or higher....

My advice is to not to confront someone in the act even if you have your gun and are already on the phone with 911...A guy I know was stabbed to death with a screw driver when he interupted a break in by multiple people...and shooting might just bring more issues for you personally in the long, I know...

I can't say I won't shoot or take drastic action...

All I can say is that I feel for ya and what you're going through brother. It's not a good feeling:mad:

Sorry that happened man.
Damn, I don't how I missed this post, but I guess I did and I am sorry this happened to you Hottt. Lo-life loser fuckheads…
Jeep stolen last year. Man, it was just terrible. I loved that Jeep. I feel ya.
I feel you on that, a couple of years ago my tahoe was stolen. i had that truck lowered, put in plenty of upgrades into the engine, had xyoxx rims with low profile z rated tires, just put in a 2000$ stereo and touch screen system, had 200$ in the glove compartment, a very rare chrono swiss watch, as well as a one of a kind sweatshirt in it...
when I read about crap like this I look back and think about what a fugging scumbag I was when I did these kind of things.

Sorry Brother I hope those things will be replaced.

My car has never been broken into but some dickheads once tried to steal
my front bar.

Woke up one morning and my car opened with 3 beeps instead of the
usual 2. Had a look around the car and all looked ok so i thought it may
have been the rain since that sometimes sets my alarm off (its quite
sensitive to rain for some reason).

Get in and begin to drive off and within 2 metres of rolling, I hear this
massive crash and scraping. Stop the car, get out and see my front bar
hanging off the front of the car held on by a single bolt... Fuckers
managed to unscrew all but 1 before they must have knocked the chassis
hard enough to set the alarm off. Was quite lucky to say the least.

Another time I was driving home with the gf down our street when we
see 2 kids run off from a truck that had both doors wide open. Did a
quick u-turn and chased them down in my car. They must have been
scared shitless since they stopped running.

I made them go back to the house of the truck, I woke up the owner and
told him what I saw and left the 2 kids with him and went home :) Not
sure what happened after that. But im sure they won't do anything else
in our area again.

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