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Getting Huge With Doggcrapp!


New member
Dec 7, 2003
Hey guys, new to the board and just wanted to say hi, great board, and introduce myself.

I just started working online with Doggcrapp and am seeing the best results of my life. It's incredible.

BB life is good nowadays! 300lbs here I come.
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Good for you bro .DC is a good friend[I have known him for 9 years] and a quality person as well.You made a wise choice by going to DC.There are only a few great trianers out there .And with two of the best posting here regulary in Skip and Wyldeone, but as far as gaining pure mass in the shortest time possible DC is the best out there bar none.His methods work plain and simple.I am training a close friend of mine, that also happens to work for me as well.He has gone from 247 to 281 in eight and a half weeks and is harder than he was at 247 using DC's methods to a tee.His stuff works!
I work with Skip [ at first because I felt DC had too much going on and I liked they way Ship thought] and now because I love the guy, I am very pleased with the results , and the guy is just plain cool. [open minded , smart ,and willing to work with others.]This off season Wylde, Zilla, and DC have offered their help to make Skip think alittle bit with what he decides to do with me.People bag on Wylde here , but he has gone out of the way to help me and is very intelligent in my opinion.And Zilla is just one of the forefather 's of internet knowledge, and is a just class human being as well.Together I have put together some awesome folks in my corner , now it is time to just to what I am told......Since you were on the subject of trainers ,I thought I would throw out some props to all of these guys...You guys rock and thanks for everything.The cool thing they all have alot of respect for eachother and don't critisize eachother.They Are just helping me be the best I can ....they know that in my case Skip is the boss.....
Well , goodluck and welcome to the board........get ready to gain some serious mass.......just do exactly what he tells you.......You will be happy with what happens my friend.....I promise you that!
I almost forgot , there is another training /prep guy that posts here often as well.Deepsquat! He not only does he have a great physique [ a real up and comer] but the guy knows his shit as well and is suppost to be very cool as well.The guys at MC always say many good things about this guy.I don't know him yet , but I thought since I was mentioning top trainers that are helping me and since they all post here , I probally should mention Mr. Deepsquat .Who knows he may want to throw his 2 cents into the mix reguarding my training .[ hint , hint....LOL!] In reality there are only a few great prep people out there .It just seems that this board is lucky enough to have most of them right here. And if you throw in guys that share there knowledge here, like Big A , Big KIWI, Phil, mikeS , Xcell, Lats, Ry, mainevent,ect.....you would be pretty damm excited . There some amazing guys here , with a wealth of knowledge to share . We very blessed that this board is here[ thanks once again Big A]Get ready to maximize that genetic potential because bro, everything that you need is right here!My best to you!
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|--[\\\]>--------- DC DOES do a great job with his clients! i have a real life friend, actually 2 of them who train together who DC helps and they are getting awsome results (chris250)! Many props to DC!
I also just signed up and yes he is very devoted to his clients. I would definatly recommend him from what I have seen thus far.

i have also been working with this guy things where going great until i stepped through a floor of a b/room i was remoldeling and wrenched my back. so the first 4 weeks where disturbed 2 weeks in . but he is cool i have made good gains so far it did take me a little while to get thosw/o down no iam ready to rock it is intense. doing rest pause etc. you get so used to just throwing shit around and it is hard to eat protein consistantly but if it where easy everyone would be huge. i would recomend him to anyone.
For me, the eating is no problem at all. I am loving it. I have an appetite that is out of control, and can eat huge meals all day. I am so excited to see how my body is going to change , it's gonna be incredible!
DC is a great guy...I signed up with him last year and add 15 lbs in 6 weeks. He still answers questions and offers advice even though I'm no longer one of his clients. You won't find to many guys that will do that for you...He just loves turning guys into freaks. :cool:
does DC have a website or anything? if his prices are fair and he still has some open spots, i could always use a helping hand.


Go read up on his training , eating , and supp recomendations.If it is something that makes sense for you to try then get on over to animals board and read the forum The realm of Doggcrap.Go to the cycling for pennies thread .It is one the longest standing thread ever to exist on the net peroid .Alot of awesome info there.After doing some serious reading and maybe trying some of his stuff.Let me know what you think.If you want I will help you get ahold of him .he very reasonable.Like 400 for 2 months.if you have questions I can also help as well .I known him for 9 years and I saw his whole evolution into what he does now.But if you want make big gains then work with the man himself......
thanks man..

i have read that cyclin for pennies post abou 6 months or so back. i got a lot out of it, but i didnt get to or atleast remember what was said about diet, thats my main concern right now. ill go reread it and see what i can come up with.


Yeah, for sure, read all 103 pages of it, it's invauluable. He explains the diet to a T in there, and there are many quiestions and answers about the diet as well.
Yes DC is the man! I have started working with him as well and just started last Monday and have put on 10lbs the first week. I really like the workouts he has provided me with and eating regime as well.

BIG props to zilla as well, He helped me for my prep for my last show and the guy knows his contest prep. Dude got me in the best shape of my life!

Props to all these guys and their help!
For the guys I train on this thread--you guys better not be missing any meals posting or reading! I couldnt ask for a better group of clients--ive been so lucky in that. Thanks for the kind words--(now get back to eating!)
Yea - he said he'd even help an ol' fart :D

I'm going to work with him when I get back up to par - after recovery from prolotherapy. I've probably got 2 more sessions that are going 6 weeks between sessions. So far seen positive results. I'll make a post about it after I'm completely done.

DC my bad!

I appoligize for forgetting you budy. You have also done very well for yourself and everyone i have talked to is very impressed with your work. Like i said to Skip when he first started just do right by everyone and keep doing the best you can for your clients and treat them as you would like to be treated and the rest will come as the results(your clients and their placings) speak for themselves. As you have seen and as Chad told me when i started, If people are taking the time to write about you either possitively or negatively obviously your important enough to grab their attention and your doing something right even if they don't always agree with you. the more successful you become the more people will find to try to bring you down but this board and alot of others out there are filled with alot of great people i have had the oppurtunity to work with over the years and I will continue to as alot of these hotheads come and go! I learned after RY and I talked that althoe i want my clients to have all of their supplemental needs I can't be the one to make the contacts to make sure they are squared around that is for them to do. Otherwise you tend to deal with alot of these people that you otherwise might not assoc. with althoe I must say there are alot of very honest guys out there that truely love the sport and take care of the comp. bodybuilders and powerlifters because they love it! either way I am rambling but I am so glad to see you all doing so well and wish you all the best with your clients in the upcoming year. best wishes wyldeone.
One thing about DoggCrapp...

...I could never get is where did he get his name?hahaha He is a smart guy and although I have never talked to him personally I love his theories and is NO SURPRISE to why he has a Justin Timberlake following.hahahaah

I know exactly what your talking about wylde about a very seedy side to this sport and people who you want to keep away from.
I like this board too even though i dont post much--I like how Mike keeps things in line and this is a board with comraderie unlike other boards. I have alot of guys who ask me to take them into a contest, but I really dont like doing that at all, especially when i cant see them in person so I steer everyone toward you and Skip and sometimes chad and TP as you have probaly seen me say on the Mayhem Board. I like the muscle mass accumalation challenge of things and I gladly let you guys take care of the "dialing in" aspect
Ryroid as far as the name (boy did I make a mistake-lol) I was on the Animal board about 2 years ago when there was only about 50 members and thought well one post about some of my methods that I use pretty successfully with local guys I train and then IM out of here. I used the generic name of Doggcrapp (people figured out that I was Dante from Hardcore Muscle mag pretty quick from how I write). I had no idea that one post would explode like a hydrogen bomb and now Im stuck with the name Doggcrapp. Ive had a couple gym owners want me to do seminars on the East Coast and one of the muscle mags inquired about doing a series of articles and Im thinking--ok this is where "Doggcrapp" is going to come back to haunt me--lol
Yes, but no one will forget the name after hearing it only one time. THAT is extremely effective marketing - whether on purpose or by mistake. ;)

I hope after the new year, I will have enough cash to get some information from him :)

DOG is the man

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