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Steriods without rest, is it nuts?


Jun 6, 2002
Do you think i'm crazy? I gonna use gear the year on without rest. I just... love testosterone.

Need some advice
I'm very confused here. You stated in your other post (heartbeat) that you had just taken your first shot of sustanon. That was a very short while ago, and now you are saying that you want to stay on year round because you love it??

How do you know, because you shouldn't even be feeling the sus yet. And no, I wouldn't suggest staying on year round for someone that just started juicing.
If you're serious about doing this (and I wouldn't recommend it), you best know exactly what you're doing. Some people stay on MILD doses of test year round, and I "know" a guy on another forum that has used a variety of gear for extended cycles, but he knows this stuff inside and out. You're going to need to use dosages that resemble T-replacement therapy, and have a doc that is ready and willing to monitor various things (like hormone levels) on a regular basis. If you're a newbie to this scene, I would think you'd want to wait a while and experiment first before embarking on a neverending cycle.
I went back and re-read your heartbeat post, and you didn't say it was your first shot so I was wrong on that count. You are, however, very inexperienced. You can tell by the information in your posts. You should gather much, much more information before you decide to go on a year cycle like that. You need alot more practical experience as well.
Hey guys? I've only done on cycle before and it was only for about a 4weeks. but I'n thinking about doing A-50's at 200mg ed for 10wks with 3g of test a wk. I've never used slin before either, but I read an article on it once so I'm going to see what happens. after doing this for about a year I'm going to get shredded by using DNP at 800mg ed for 60 days. what do you guys think?*LOL*
bro, this dosen't sound like a very good idea at all. your body needs rest from gear once in a while. and like said before, if you don't really seriously know your shit, your going to fuck yourself up. IMO bro, it's not worth the risk of what could happen. just keep cycling and doing your homework to make every cycle better and more quality then the last. take care bro.
good luck and be safe...

Ok, you're right. And 12 weeks cycles and 2 mounths rest? Is that ok? I have a serious eyedisiese that gets worser every mounth. When i juice i feel a lot better. When i wake up tomorow, i can be blind. Or it can happen in a year, or longer, who nows.
I'm not joking!
My passion is bodybuilding, so when i train hard, my mind thinks not always about my eyedisiese.
Maybe you understand now why i want to raise my dosage fast and want to stay the year round on steriods.
I know very little about steriods, so the only good advice i know is from you guys...

PS: i'm 19 years old
Using too much, too fast is the quickest way to lead to trouble. You have to remeber that your body will only use up so much at a time. If you first cycle it 500mg and you get gains off of it, you may think that if I use 2grams+ the gains will be 10x better.Thats wrong. All of that excess tests floating around will just give you gyno and who knows what else. Slow and steady. All of the pros who have made it the pinnacle of bodybuilding all have one secret that they share. Consistency!! Lift, Eat, Shit, Sleep, and add what is necessary and not desired! :)
wolverine is right bro u are too young. u havent taken your body to its limits naturally to see if u even need the stuff and eve if u did, why would u juice to the extent u are talking about if u arent competeing?
Way too young bro! You have some much natural potential right now that you don't even realize. Not to hurt your feeling, but you're only hurting yourself by juicing at such a young age. I didn't start juicing before I was 24 and that was after I felt I reached my natural potentiol, which is what you should be doing. Take our advise, that's why your here right( for advice )! Take care.

I'm going to be honest with you Geoffke.

You're 19, you weigh 170 lbs (previous post), your nutrition knowledge is mediocre at best (previous post), I'm betting your training knowledge is on par with your nutrition knowledge (just a guess), and once again, you're 19. Have you put on forty pounds of muscle since you started training? If your answer is no, and all of the above statements are true, then you should not even be dreaming about juicing for another couple years. Remember, if the diet isn't there, you're screwed. If the diet AND the training aren't there, you're hopeless. This is definitely NOT a flame, no offense intended. I wish you luck.
bro, I'm truely not trying to offend you by any means, but your way to young to be cycling. If I was you, I'd stay on the boards like you are and LEARN,LEARN,LEARN. there is a HUGE wealth of knowledge here. get all your ducks in a row and then in a few years when your body is ready for it. hit the sauce. But like said before, you don't have the proper knowledge yet. and if you don't compete it's not worth it in the long run. and don't think that you can't make great gains natural. right now you produce atleast twice the amount of natural test then the majority of everyone on here. bro, I have a little brother that turns 19 tomorrow. he's been trainning for three hard years natural. he's 5'9 223lbs @9%bf. thats no shit bro. he squats over 500 and inclines 365 for 8. so don't listen to people that say you HAVE to have it to grow. it's only a tool bro. nutritien, rest and knowledge will get you further any day. and with out that your fucked. even with gear. I wish you the best bro. feel free to always ask questions. keep us posted. take care bro.
good luck and be safe....

Hey bro its your body. I dont think staying on year round is bad even if inexperienced just research what preventative products you need to stay healthy. But with your limited experience I would stick to one compound at a time. Use test one cycle sustanon another etc etc.

Tren you know. Its better than going out and getting drunk or smoking in my opinion. Alot of people may disagree with me but everyone is kinda different. I would wait to use till you established a base good stocky foundation which you may have already. You can tell the difference between a user amatuer or pro who did wait and est a foundation. Good luck with your goals. MM
while i disagree with the age factor, in my opinion his test will bounce back faster and be more pronounced then older fellas, but besides that, i truly dont believe in the age factor but rather how old u r in training years and nutrition years, u find what ur body responds best to when ur natural and it takes a little while to learn that once u understand what works best for u, then u add the juice to ur current program that allows u to grow as a natural , add a few more cals and i wouldnt even bother with training intesnsity bc whenever ur on u subcosciously push harder. SO take some time to find out what works for u, then add the stuff and ull explode
Well, i'm thinking of doing 8 week cycle sustanon/deca/dianabol and after that 8 weeks primobolan cyle (200mg a week). Then again susta/deca/dianabol. After that 2 mounth rest. Then repeating my cyle.

What do you guys think?

And age... Bigger is better
Schwarzenegger took dianabol when he was 14, if you looked at hem 10 years later, he was not burned out on steriods, and he was still growing.
That's my opion.
I know very little about food. But i know much about training. I eat 8 meals a day. Whith enough protein in it. I wath the fatty stuff, ect.
But about the protectors for my body. I don't know anything. When to use clomid if you do 16 weeks cyle, what about arimdex, proviron, hcg, milkthistle, synthergine, proscar??????

Need some advice
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Man, you really need to research bro!!!

IMO, ancillary drugs are even more important than the gear. I spend almost the same amount of money on ancilarry drugs and supplements as I do on Anabolics. Your health should be your number one concern!!! If you don't have your health, what do you have.

All the muscle in the world won't mean shit if you are dead. And just imagin having a perfect body that all the women are attracted to, but you can't get a boner. What good are you then??

You really need to know what you are messing with when getting into this game!!
Hi mate, I know you from fitnessboard, and although I can see why you want to ramp up the juice quickly I really don't recommend it. Do normal cycles and as you mentioned you can bridge between them if you feel the need. Change the drugs you use each cycle. Yes you are really too young for juice but others have started earlier and are doing OK. Good luck and be safe bro, remember you won't feel any better if you fuck up your body..... so take it easy for now.

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