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Tren + Deca= Results


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Jun 5, 2002
most people would be confused by this line of thinking, the response would be "well arent they both 19-nor derivatives and therefor act on the same receptors and counterproductive to eachtoher." or people who say "u shouldnt use deca and eq together for the fact that they compete for the same receptors. " yet these are the same people who will use eq with tren, the logic is just not there.

Look, theres only one androgen receptor. Thats right not receptors for 19-nor compunds and test compounds. All AS compete for the same receptor. also if the idea of not using two 19-nor derivatives was valid then we should only be using one drug because all other drugs are based on or are derivatives of the testosterone molecule.

Now here is why deca+tren stack works, I would also throw test into the mix. while deca in my mind is not great at cns stimulation or strength gains no one can argue that it helps there joints feel more cushiony so to speak even at a low dose. also at a low dose it has the ability to reduce the number of igf binding proteins in the body or the ones that render it useless. Now test and tren raise igf levels highly, tren more so then test but test still does a good job, so moe igf with less proteins to bind them equals a marked increase then if any of the drugs were taken without the others. Its called synergy, and this is why u can use all these compounds together
Mr_Magoo said:

Look, theres only one androgen receptor.

Thats the main point, along with the other points being good ones too. All of the reasoning is very sound.
Hi mate. How does deca reduce IGF binding proteins? Also do any other steroids do this? Cheers bro.

Wont that give you Progestrogen related gyno with those two being mixed. That is the thought I have read. Good Luck
As for Deca keeping the joints lubericated it is true, a doctor gave me a few deca injections to try helping my shoulder out after the third surgery.

currently though I am doing Test 800mgs week/ Deca 600mgs week and tren 300mgs week. Plus the ocasional Dbol 25mgs 30 minutes to an hour before working out lacking body parts.
Plus some anti E's.
vitor, it depens on ur bodys ability to activate the p receptor, also i dont see how doing something like 200 mg deca with 800 mgs tren is all that different from one gram of deca with no tren or one gram tren with no deca. im also tired of this line of thinking when its not applied across all levels, like u said well u shouldnt mix two compounds that can go to progestin for risk of gyno, ok, how about people who mix test and d-ball, they mix two androgens that can go to estrogen.
old blue shoe, if i were u id lower the deca and up the tren
what doses should I do?
I have lots of the Deca, about 22 ml of 200mg
The tren is home made so I can only estimate the does around 100mg/ml
The test is T-400 which I use the deca to cut with so it is not painful to inject. Only have a 10ml bottle with 6ml left. I was going to do the T-400 at (2),(2),2,2,1,1ml/week.

I am 24, almost 6ft, and weighed in at 205lb this morning. Don't know my body fat %, but has to be between 10and 15%.
I am going for a short bulking cycle, before going back on another cutting cycle.
My other cycles have been like this.
My first one I just used Test 200. 2,2,2,1.5,1.5,1 gained 25lbs with barely touching weights.
My second cycle was with Deca 50mg/50ml @200 week, with winstrol EOD and Dbol for weight lifting days, during the first four weeks of 12 weeks, then in the last four weeks I did Sus 250 every five days. I took clomid and proviron throughtout.
My third cycle was Test 400mg/week (2 10ml T-200), Deca 400mg/week Used about 23-25ml. The last part of the cycle I used Halo and Winny, then got a hold of DNP. I don't reccomend doing Halo and DNP together, the sweating and acme was carzy.
Then I had to drop the cycle after I put a knife into my hand at work. Continued the DNP cycles for a while.
My fourth cycle was with Winny 50mg EOD then 50mg tabs everyday, Anavar 20mg ED, Tren EOD, and 200mg Primo week.
Did it for twelve weeks, cutt up pretty good with doing low carb.
Now I am going for a bulking cycle for five weeks before switching again to a cutting cycle (which I hope to have some GH for).
I will probably take the fall off, and after four months do another bulking cycle then try cutting up for next summer.
old, i would just use it eod. unless you have something else you are using ed. there is not a big difference if you use twice as much eod.

also i have experienced problems with gyno on just tren and deca. in my opinion those two substances are the worst two to do together. BUT that is my body and we all have differences. i will also say that i did have great results with those two substances but just didnt like the whole man boobs thing. the rest of my body looked great. the weird thing is that i only had gyno in my right peck. i still cant explain that, can anyone else? nolvadex it taking care of that now and pain and size has been greatly reduced.:D
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Well I have nolvadex 20mg I take ED right now. No gyno problems for me, my only problem is everytime I start a bulking cycle it looks like I am growing a pot belly. The rest of me stays pretty lean.
I am hoping to get some GH for my next cutting xyxle and maybe finally I will get rid of the little bit on my abs I can't get rid of any other way.
what kind of ab work are you doing? you may just need a change in your workout/diet. are you drinking alcohol during your cycle? big no no (like i have to say that).
Old, Don't stress about the belly gettign bigger in the bulk cycles. it's going to happen. But if your only doing short bulk cycles, you should drop the nolva and just keep it close incase of a problem. in short cycles you need to get as much as possable. the nolva is going to govern gains to a point. The T-400 is great stuff. I 've used the Denkall and loved it. but if your only going to use it for 6-8 weeks, you need to either front load the shit out of it and run it at a gram+ or use prop for the first 3-4 weeks of cycle. otherwise your not getting much of a peak. but thats just my two cents. good luck bro. let us know how it turns out.
good luck and be safe...

old, use the tren at 100 mg every day, believe me there is a big difference in any comppound when u use twice as much
ok, I wil try doing more tren, don't know if I can do it everyday though.
As for the novaldex, I will stop taking it.
I have some armidex can i use that instead of novadex, or would it supress the results like novadex would.

I did three months with no drinking, but with summer being here, I ocasionally have a few beers on the weekend ( I try to stay away from the beer though), or a long island or two if we go out.
I have heard drinking a little every other weekend should not hurt your program. However when I do the cutting cycle I will not drink at all again.
Old, have you ever done a cycle with out running the anti's during the cycle??? if not, you should try it and see how your body responds. if you don't need it, your saving yourself alot of coin. but if you have nolva and ari, your good to go. just keep it close and if you get in some trouble you have it. theres really no point in taking things if you don't need them. but is nice to have them anyhow*L*. give it a try and se how it turns out.

Magoo, what do you think about taking TA EOD in higher dosages. is there any benifit to hitting it ED over EOD???? I've always gone every other, but if it's better to go that I way, I'll give it a try! thank guys!
good luck and be safe....

My first cycle was without anit E's and did not have any auxiliary stuff to come off good.

The end of my second cycle, my former roommate stole all my auxiliary stuff, and it was a bigger cycle then my first, I put on so much bad weight after that.

I will try it without them this time and just add them back in the cutting cycle.

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