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Steak Helmet

Sep 4, 2002
I was just curious what you say when people ask that nosey ass question

Are you on STEROIDS???
Ahhhh Steak

you know what I always say: " Just Ma's home cookin'!"
I just look them straight in the eyes and very calmly say 'Yes'. That's usually the end of the conversation as they don't seem to want to go any further into the subject LOL
I tell them that I have a bad reaction to a bee sting and the swelling never went down. lol

I tell them good old creatine and lots of food,I dont know why they dont believe me.........
What? Dude, I kick their ass! First, I spear hand'em in the throat. Then, I roundhouse kick'em on the side of the head. Then, I spin hook kick'em on the other side of the head. I this point, they're pretty dazed. I will then kick'em in the nutz (unless it's a chick, in which case, I kick'em on the pelvic bone), then I'll give'em a neck breaker (the "bk stunner"). At this point, they're semi-conscious on the floor. I will then pull a weight tree loaded with 45 # plates over on their legs so they can't move. While they're pinned under the weight, I'll climb to the top of the Smith Machine and leap from it, crashing down upon them with all 300 # of my being "big splash" style. After that, the janitor mops'em up and the lesson is learned:

Nehhhhver, ehhhhhhver, ask bk if he juices AGAIN!

Or, I'll just tell'em I never touched gear in my life.
I love that ??

Just the other night I was asked that. Here is what I always say.

"Thanks for atleast thinking I might be on steroids. I work hard to get to where I am now"

That's it. Usually they don't say anything after that. I did have one guy say, "dude, you have to be on something" and I just asked in a bothered way "why do I have to be on anything?" The conversation ended.

you live in the U.S. where steroids have been so demonized, you should NEVER, EVER, admit to it. Say its GNC, the creatine, tons of protein shakes, Megamass blah, blah, etc... but NEVER, EVER admit to it. You will do nothing but hurt yourself...

As always, just my opinion,

i tell them i am bulking and that's never good enough. i don't care really. let people think what they want. as lats has taught me-"deny, deny, deny!!!" sometimes i lokk em square in the face and say"does it fucking matter?" what do they get out of asking us this question? if we say no, then they don't believe, so why ask!:rolleyes:
look them straight in the eye and ask them......." do you take it in the ass?" seems like a fair question to me. I never could figure out how people that don't even know you, or just met you 10 seconds ago, find it ok to ask such a personal question. A few times a have used the "YES" anwser, it usually stumps them, or they then said "not injectable , right?"
bigkraut rock on bro lol that some funny shit
it depends on who it is if its some guy at the gym ill say yes and no i wont sell any to you if its some geek ill just say f-k off seems to work lol
I always ask them would they feel better about themselves if I said yes
even better

When I was out this weekend I had like two dudes ask me " Dude, do u lift weights?"

Now I am not that big.....yet, but it is always the fat ass drunks that ask such stupid ass questions
I have this tshirt that people laugh about. It says scifit on the front and on the back in " it says- No I'm not on roids but thanks for asking! That shit is funny. Haven't really had it happen lately, but I would just deny it. People's minds are made up before they even ask so it really doesn't matter. Hell I've been off for almost 2 yrs and have been acussed by training partners cause they can't keep up. Unless there fucking me or making my meals it really doesn't matter.
As many have already answered: I always deny it. Most have actually asked me recently when I've been "off" but on a pre-contest type regime where I've been VERY cut. They don't ask when I'm huge and bloated from juice - LOL :D

Just smile and say "Protein and creatine".
I've only been asked three times ever, and I always say that I'm in the middle of my bulking phase, using creatine and eating a shitload of food. Or I'll explain to them that when we are cutting, we appear to get much bigger real quick due to fat loss, and it's mostly an optical illusion.

If you just use big words and complex ideas, most of them end up walking away confused.
Big Kraut, you had me in tears bro!!!!!!!!! I especially like the part where you climb up on the smith machine after pinning the person with a tree of 45's and jump on them! I actually had a pretty good image of myself doing that......

I normally just reply, "NEED WOMAN" or something along the lines...... I agree with the gentleman above, I wouldn't admit it to anyone, period.

Last time I was asked , in the ussual 3 times a month, they ussually ask my buddies that I lift with rather then me. anyway I said "oh there has to be an reason huh...that you come in and bench twice a week for 15 mins. and don't look like me > you have to have a rational explaintion in your head, it that it? it's not the 16 years of sacrifice that I have deicated or the thousands of pounds of dry ass beef and chicken that I have somehow managed to shove down my throat. All the days I don't want to train or eat but do anyfuckingway, cause that is what I do..all the years of missed relationships, careers, bitches to fuck and beer to drink that I have missed out on to look like this, and you want to have an reason like I took one shot of test and poof magically transformed into this. oh btw timmy what did you eat today , how many grams of protien are you at right now? if you want to ask me what I eat or how long I have trained fine but keep the stupid fucking questions to yourself." The whole fucking gym was silent.... I fucking hate that question, sorry for the long rant.

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