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Xcel's Progress Report - AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!


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Jun 5, 2002
Well, since most of you probably don't know me very well, I thought I'd post this progress report. What prompted to me to get "lean" is this beautiful blond bodybuilder from New Zealand wants me to be her Couples Partner in a show next year.

I told her that I don't know if my body can do that any more. I used to train at 7-8% BF and still gain muscle. But, that's over 12 years ago and I'm 49 now. I told her that I'll give it until the end of Summer (end of Sept) to get sub-7% BF. If I can't do it in that amount of time, there's no way I could get into contest-shape - I'd only be fooling myself.

I've been working at getting cut - clean (no AAS). The method I use for checking body composition is very unique and ACCURATE. My friend does this using an Ultrasound machine and computer program he developed - he's been doing this (and perfecting it) for 20 years! He's had it validated to within 5% of water weighing. But if you know anything about water weighing, you'll know that if you don't get a "complete" exhale before being dunked, it will not be accurate.

I had my diet posted that I started about 3-1/2 weeks ago. I e-mailed this to him prior to getting my body comp checked. He chacked me on 05/25/02 and I was 9.37% BF. He checked me yesterday on 06/19/02 (25 days between measurements) and I was 7.04% - WOOOHOOOOOO!!!

He asked me if I ate exactly what I e-mailed him - and I said of course. He said that he has never seen anyone loose fat as fast as I did in that amount of time on that much protein.

So - this ol' bird still has it in him! I'll continue on this track at least until the end of July - still waiting on shit for next cycle and I need the break. When I hit juice hard again, I'll definately keep it under 8% (more like 7.5%) and do a BULK that will have the whole town talkin'!


NOTE: I'll be away, leaving this evening and returning sometime on Monday. I will not have access to a computer/internet :(
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congrats bro....

that's awesome... keep up the hard work... you know it'll be worth it.
good to hear your doing well bro as much effort as you put into it i know youl be in shape come contest time
tht is great considering the fact that i believe ur clean now, wait to see what a little tren will do to the bodyfat
He's Baaaack!

I just got back from a business conference and before I do some more ranting, I need to provide some background about where I came from.

I went to school in the 60's and 70's (class of '71). Because of my Japanese heritage, I have a relatively small bone structure/frame, was rather studious and got a LOT OF RACIST SHIT in my formative years. Rather than let that pull me under, I told myself: "Ill show you A**holes!" The small frame can be considered a curse but I consider it a blessing. Add more muscle to a small frame give one the appearance of being much Bigger (ala Frank Zane)!

Well, at the conference I spotted a young man (probably in his early 20’s) who I could tell was a bodybuilder – not huge, at ~5’9” probably a small middleweight of big ltwt. He had a “holier than thou” bodybuilder attitude and I couldn’t get a conversation with him. We were in business attire except on tha last day of the conference.

On the last day (casual attire day), I wore a muscle tank underneath my Bench Press Classic T-Shirt (that fits a little snug compared to when I got it) and shorts. During that whole session, people would come up to me and ask me if I worked-out – WTF!! One guy did ask me a reasonable question “how much can you bench press?”

When we got out of the building I took off my T-shirt (had tank on). I walked by the group of young people that he was with that were also walking away to the cars. His woman and another good-looking woman started staring at me. They walked right into the back of him as they were staring at me and told him “did you see the Muscles on that guy” :D !

Ya gotta luv it. Payback is precious!
At 49 and still gettin it done. your a stud bro. The kids a punk. with out the old dogs to look up to and learn from we wouldn't know shit. or atleast would progress in this sport as we have. keep up the good work bro. let us know how it goes.
good luck and be safe....

Thanks for the kind words. I will take some pictures towards the end of July and post them.

I need to get down to around 5%BF before my abs show very well - I should be there by end of July.

That's awesome Bro. I know I don't know many of you, but it's definitely interesting to read/share stories about the training, etc. Especially those stories that involve a little payback. Keep up the good work xcel and of course, keep us posted. Hopefully I'll have some stories to tell when I'm your age (I've got a long way to go! :D)


Good job bro. I think that's awesome that your in that good of shape and willing to show it off at your age(not that you're that old). The kid probably got a nice kick to his ego and probably deserved it.....hehe! Keep up the hard work bro, you're doing awesome. Take care.

My diet is specified at http://www.professionalmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=410 . Make sure you read through entire thread as I made some incorrect assumptions (with egg whites).

It is not a Swole diet. I worked it up with some help from a local nutrition guru. I'm still eating basically the same thing now but I added 6 more egg whites a day.


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