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315 grams of protein a day enough?


Jun 12, 2002
Is 315 grams of protein a day enough. I am 220 right now I am trying to get to 240-250. Is this enough protein to be taking in or should I up it?

Also How in the hell can I up the amount of calories I am injesting I did my diet for one day and it came out to be only 3100 calories. Can I add MCT oil? Anything else I can do?
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my personal rule is take in as much as you can hadle with an exception dont let the minimum daily amount go under 1/g per lb of LBM, and rarley do you have to worry about eating too much unless its in a single meal. and idealy dividing meals into 6/day and 16.5% of your protien in each meal, the exception being post workout. thats just how I do it, nothing behind it.... but my opinion is with your goal to gain so much I would try to keep your minimum at atleast 400 aiming for 450.
I would

Try to get your protein up to around 2 gr per lb of lean bm if you are try to put on alot of muscle.
Also, if you are going to add any fats into your diet, go for the CLA or flax oil.
1.5-2g protein per lb weight is good. Do a protein drink before bed and in the middle of the night too. Add flax oil to those 2 shakes. You could even mix in some canola oil too, cuts the expense of using pure flax oil. Weight gainer (I like twinlab gainers fuel) mixed with shakes you drink during the day is good for adding calories also.
if ure growing with what ure getting right now, then why wud u want to increase ? i wudnt , if u feel its getting harder to grow , just step up ur protein intake a lil more along with some healthy fats and u'll start growing well again , atleast this is how its worked for me .
I grew up to 230 on the amount I am eating now but that was while on. Hopefully when I go on again (april 1st) along with a new training style and the amount I listed I am going to be eating it will get me to where I want to be.

Man this make me think it is CRAZY hard toget really monsterous (meaning 260 and up) if you hae to eat so much to get there. I mean I never thought it was easy to get that big but I also never knew it would be this hard until I tryed going for it.

Shit eating it the hardest part, sticking yourelf and working out that is the easy part.
Eating I think becomes easier the bigger you grow, the more fuel your body needs, the only problem I have now is when to stop eating as I can't get all my jobs done without carrying food with me :)
up the protien bro.
the more you eat the more you'll be able to eat.
while dieting for a show my metabolism cranks up and i eat 4 pounds of meat a day, plus my shakes and eggs, veggies and carbs.

bottom line: eat more protien
I agree with what many have said - increase your protein intake. I'd suggest 400-450g protein ED.

Keep track of measurement at waist, right around belly-button. If it starts going up, drop some carbs.

I also like to add "milled" flax as this contributes necessay fiber as well as being a great EFA that's purported to naturally keep estrogen down. You do need to store unused flax in fridge. The stuff's CHEAP esp when compared to good cold pressed flax oil.

protein intake

I agree with what everybody is saying about more protein. It is hard to eat that much sometimes. I would like to add what has worked for me. I somewhat cycle my protein. I never go under 1gram perlb. And go up to 2 or more for several weeks at a time. I don't really have a particular program that I follow. I try to listen to my body. When 300or 400 grams of protein feels overwhelming I back it off a little and slowly increase again. Works well for me I weigh 240 and working for 260 too. Mr.Clean
I agree with everyone else on the board...Up the protein intake. This past year, I wanted to increase my mass (I had been stuck at 250 offseason weight) and was eating about 350-375 grams of protein a day...

I increased that to 500+ a day, and in 5 months my offseason weight went up to 285...


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