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Holiday Eating


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Jan 20, 2003
So do yall blow it out all day, all weekend, one meal or stay on point for Thanksgiving? I kinda slide all week but don’t blow out any day and I train heavy with volume all week. Water gets high but it goes fast.
I'd just eat sensible servings, watch the sweets and alcohol and do something like taking a walk. Friday I'll hit the gym to work off the goodies.
Most bodybuilders borderline having an eating disorder. Even if we don’t want to admit it. Lol

I think more guys should enjoy the holidays and let up a bit unless they’re in an active prep for a show.

For me I usually go for one good meal or afternoon of eating a reasonable portion with the family. I love eating clean so I’m right back at it Friday.
Eat one good meal reasonable servings, after you wake from your slumber do some cardio. Back at it on Friday lol🤷🏽‍♂️
I pick a little all day while cooking Wednesday and Thursday.

Family comes to my house for dinner at 3pm and i have a sensible portion for dinner , then dessert a while after.

I pretty much eat clean all week then like today i cooked some and tasted alot but im certain my calories were less than normal.
Diet has been tight all week and I've been running a decent deficit (longer term plan with this being a mini-cut TG just happens to be in there and I'll use it as a convenient carb up/refeed).

Alcohol will be maybe 1-2 bloody marys. I'm not going to worry about macros and we have a bunch of my favorite stuff so I'll be snacking all day but try not to overdo it - taken me decades to do holiday eating like this and not get too full at any point.

Peppered thick cut bacon
Berry pie
Cheese and sopresata with crackers
Peppers stuffed with sharp provolone and prosciutto
Quiche (I know but I love it, like egg/cheese/spinach pie)
Extra cardio Wednesday and Friday and one good meal Thursday for me then back on track!
I send the kids to their moms. I don't have people over. Just took 5iu slin. Now about to eat this all you can eat Korean bbq.
Of course I just order rice. Salad. Chicken. Fish. Beef. Good shit.
Will wake up in the morning full and strong.
Will work out, complete with two cardio sessions thanksgiving.
I had my family gathering last week in Malibu.
I'll have some protein powder for breakfast then nothing else till dinner which my family start just after 12. I don't eat till i am uncomfortable any more. Gave that up when i was a kid in my 50's. Couple plates of food and a couple pieces of pie along with appetisers is about it. Then dinner that night.
So uncomfortable at the Korean BBQ. But tomorrow's workout will be very powerful.
I'm a walking furnace right now. Burning up.

That said.

Given it's Thanksgiving.
What a great nation we live in. Where anyone with hard work ethic and some sense can make it happen. Things like.. a big house. Nice cars. Liquidity to do whatever the F you want(within reason of course).. Unlimited food options.
Note... Just because I love the states doesn't mean other countries aren't great. Just that in the states I can do the things I love to do(as guaranteed by the US Constitution).


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I usually fast all day, eat a really big dinner and skip dessert
I’ve done it every which way. I’m sommmewhat trying to stay on plan this holiday so I basically backload all my cals. Just protein veg all day. So by the end of the day I have lots of fat and carbs to throw down. Pretty easy to not go over your macros doing it that way. I also try to do some cardio that morning.

I’m a Fuckin fat kid and have a sweet tooth so I just have to watch myself or I’ll be eating holiday bark and Sees candy at 11am watching football for 5 hours
Let me emphasize my previous statement about how much of an ass I plan on making of myself today..I just took an extra digestive enzyme, put one more in a bag to take with me, then took a famotidine and a pepto bismol pill just to allow me to eat more before I feel like shit..

Gonna do a lot of drinking too!

I get one day a year to go after food the way a fat man eats a mail order brides ass! I’m not missing it!

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