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Is it fun?


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Oct 10, 2007
A simple question in my opinion. Is this fun for you? dieting, training to the point of cringing pain, denying yourself simple pleasures like delicious food, a nice beer, not watching macro's? everything that goes into winning whatever it is you set out to achieve? Forget the result, do you enjoy the process? I eat hwat Phil tells me, and hey im creative and i enjoy the food. I love training, it's the most fun, well next to the kind of fun i get from my gorgeous fiancee, i have all week. or are you doing it to get girls, have people stare at you like some kind of freak, generally get attention? At one point i thought I wouldn't train if i was training natural, why train if you cant look like an absolute freak? Now my life being what it is, i train because to me thats fun, like fantasy football or videogames...Im just curious as to why most epople who train and diet to an extreme do it. I know why i put everything into it. but im just wondering what the motivation for most people is.

Please be wordy and explain. this kind of comes from a conversation i had with a friend talking about how he hates training but has to do it to look a certain way. To me thats not a good reason. people race cars, play in bar softball leagues, play poker and drink with the guys.....people do stuff they enjoy, and this is how i have fun.
It depends on your definition of fun. I do very little "fun" in the conventional sense. Drinking myself stupid, failing miserably at an attempt to dance, saying idiotic shit to beautiful women and screaming "Yeeee Haaa" at nothing in particular doesn't entertain me anymore. I like golf, poker, and fishing but any activity that involves competition or any sort of acheivement to be successful isn't fun... but I do them because I like winning. I like success. I like acheiving goals. Fun for me is totally devoid of any competitive nature; it requires little thought or effort. Riding a first class roller coaster is fun.
Bodybuilding is in no way fun, but it isn't misery, either. It is who I am and what I do. I love it, all aspects of it. I love the challenge. But Fun? Not fukkin hardly.
I consider it fun but a better way to explain it would just be that I have a passion for it. I love my days off from the gym but I love to train, too. I take pride in not eating like everyone else and not looking like everyone else. I have done it so long that I can't think what it would be like to not do it. I have enjoyed the sport for 27 years so, yes, I find it fun.

Fun is relative. I've been training for 30 years, so I can safely say that I enjoy training. It is a good release of tension and stress. I like the effect it has on my body. I find myself bored with the mundane challenges of everyday like sometimes, so it is also a kind of escape. Most of all, my body just doesn't feel right unless i make it to the gym on a regular basis.
Some days it's fun. When you hit a PR or someone does something hilarious in the gym that makes you laugh. Mostly it's just part of my week and I don't think about it too much.

I know this will seem insane but I enjoy doing the aerobics sets. It sucks when you start but after about 20 minutes, the fate of the world depends on you.
So many things in life you can put a lot of effort into and get no real satisfaction out of and more often than not, more frustration and dissapointment.
Bodybuilding and working out provide me with a much needed release, and is one of the few things when Im done that gives me a sense of accomplishment- when I finish a good workout and have a good pump I think back to when I first started and how far I have come, and know I can take it further, but to see all the results of my labor is quite enjoyable and I guess thats as close to 'fun' as it gets for me, but I love doing it.
To me, the only thing in life you can control is what you do. And for me bodybuilding is taking charge of my life Training is therapy for me so the mental, health and cosmetic benefits I love. Dieting is not that much dfferent than offseason. I just eat less. In fact, I love dieting. The only difficult part is when the fats and carbs start to get very low, it is hard to function physically. But even then, I know I'm doing it right and the work will pay off.
I do it for me. Its my therapy. It my positive goal for myself. I like the way I look and feel when training and the diet is going right. I feel better mentally. It gives me a fresh start on that day if I am stressed out over my job or whatever. That positive effect then spills over into the other areas of my life.

Besides, bodybuilding gives me something positive to obsess over :eek: :D:D:D
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i don't know anymore

it is fun to look better than average.
it is fun to make better food choices and see the benefit to your body.
it is NOT fun seeing your health be negatively impacted due to the extreme things in this sport.
BB'ing to me is a very positive addiction in my eyes. I'm only 22 but I have been in some pretty shitty situations before which in general were the result of too much alcohol. To me bb'ing is fun in the sense that its my passion and hobby. It's my escape from my regular day, and I for myself...to set goals and new challenges every day. Like the brick said bb'ing has become a therapy to me that I enjoy :D
While it's not necessarily "fun" in the traditional sense, the sport is definitely fun for me. It's fun to see how far I can push my mind and my body. It's fun knowing that very few people have what it takes to do what we do. And it's definitely fun battling on stage after sacrificing so much for so long to get there.
is it fun not being able to eat the food I crave, waking up first thing in the morning to jump on the stair climber, having to turn down my friends when they invite me out to do something - No definitely not fun

but on the other hand

seeing my body change every single week, being in the best shape I have ever been in, getting more attention from people, stepping on stage (first show 6 weeks away) and being able to display my hardwork and achievement - YES
Its the lifestyle we choose...
from an outisder it may look painful and such
But for those of us addicted, we wouldnt have any other way
I think, just like anything else, it's fun in moderation. It's fun for me because I don't sink my whole life and self-worth into my physique/training. I enjoy training, I enjoy getting stronger/bigger/leaner, but I have no desire to ever compete. It's just for me.

I watch how I eat (for the most part), but I don't weigh my food, count every calorie and obsess over whether my macros are perfect.

It's important to me, and it's a big part of my life, but it's not my whole life.
I've been at it 30 years 25 very seriously and consistent. I started in order to get bigger (low self esteem). Now I'm 43 and most of my peers look like a cross section of society. I guess I like setting myself apart in that way, standing out a bit. When I was younger, it was cool to everybody, but now more average people look at you, and you can tell they resent you, since they don't have the drive to anything like that themselves. I've found they resent me, and even make fun of my diet and training behind my back, but oh, when it comes time to pick up something heavy, or move some furniture ... who's the first one they call on?

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